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Rovachlan-Galkynysh company

Is one of the top three leaders in producing polypropylene woven bags & rolls in Turkmenistan that exports its packaging products to foreign countries

What do we offer

High quality polypropylene products for export.

 Being a top three leader of polypropylene bags & rolls producers in Turkmenistan, we supply our clients with high-quality polypropylene packaging products and respect their priorities by offering them superior value.



We envision becoming the number one leading and trustworthy exporter of polypropylene packaging products in the country, ensuring a stable financial and economic position of the company through the rational use of resources as well as expanding our export services to new geographical areas.

Производительность завода
Factory capacity

More than 500 tons of products per month

17 tons of bags per day

Более 500 тонн продукции в месяц
The company Rovachlan Galkynysh fulfills orders, taking into account the preferences of each individual client, in particular, with regard to the characteristics of the products (thickness of the web, width of the thread, the presence of a liner, etc.). However, it is important to note that our company sells its products in a minimum amount of 25,000 pieces of bags or 22 tons.
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